Sometimes you might come across information on the web about how easy to cheat the TOEFL, just following some simple steps. However, let’s be realistic. In order to achieve high scores, you should make persistent efforts for training and research work. But do not be discouraged…

We have prepared 5 useful tips for that will help you better understand the nature of the system and obtain good results.

  1. Obtain English language experience

Experience is a powerful weapon in every field of activity. If you have been learning English language over the years, you will pass this test with higher results than newcomers. What should you take into the consideration? Talk with native speakers, watch movies, read books, newspapers, articles, listen to the music and write essays. Do everything that is attractive to you and is related to English language.


If you don’t have anyone to practice English with, then do research by yourself: web network offers plenty of opportunities to learn English on any level.

  1. Understand the nature of the TOEFL

It is not a surprise that even native speakers may not know all the peculiarities of their mother tongue and can make mistakes on the TOEFL if they don’t know the test format. If you want to show the best results, you need to know what to expect. It means that you need to be prepared for the proposed tasks. The more you practice, the better the results of the test will be. You have to remember that practice is a key to success. Here’s a quick example to show the importance of that quote.

Several years ago, I heard about the mini-experiment managed by TOEFL teachers with regular English teachers. They gave the audience a small abstract from the text, with 45 seconds to read it, and a short conversation about that text, played on the CD. Then, an interesting part starts: they told everybody in the room to close the text and start the conversation. They needed to describe their point of view in 60 seconds. Most teachers flubbed this experiment because they started to summarize the information they have heard, without giving their own opinions. Such a situation happened because they had little time to reconsider the main task, they were surprised and inexperienced about the TOEFL specifications.


  1. Regular tendency of taking notes

Taking notes is your best partner when you are going to understand the TOEFL peculiarities. It will help you focus and develop your ability to remember what you have heard, answer questions, consider all the key points when you summarize them. To get high TOEFL scores, you need not only write well, but to pay attention to all the details.

  1. Try to find time-saving strategies

It is not a secret information that TOEFL is divided into sections. Moreover, the most critical strategy is to find your strong and weak points. It will save you some time. Practice those sections you feel uncomfortable with.

  1. Be confident

examtoeflIf you take into the consideration our tips, you will feel better and more relaxed during the test. If it is a challenging task for you because of your nervous temperament, don’t worry. There is one fast way to strengthen your confidence: practice and practice taking the test. The more you train and practice, the more comfortable you will be during the real TOEFL. Try to sit up and breathe deeply and focus on tasks you are confident with.

If you have considered all the issues, you have a good reason to pass your test successfully. All you have to do is to behave confidently with the right experience and spirit.

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