INSPIRE is known to be a brand name for quality education. It is an excellent academic institute which has a history of high achievers, ambitious and successful students. The establishment of INSPIRE was led by Mr.Mubeen A.Esmail in 1999 initiating it with a tuition centre followed by CIE registered school in 2008.Building upon his interests he soon acquired the entire building and INSPIRE finally obtained, along with its identity, a prime location. Another building, in 2005, was acquired adjacent to the original centre and INSPIRE II came into being.

INSPIRE Education and Information Systems holds true to its name, its success story owes to our director’s ambition to venture into understanding and analyzing the needs of each individual student, along with their strengths and shortcomings. We introduced new courses and more classrooms facilitating more students under one roof.

The other milestone of INSPIRE which is the establishment of INSPIRE School of Advanced Studies primarily aims to build up student’s character and behavior. In addition to this, the INSPIRE school caters the child’s all educational requirements in one window with personalized consideration to all. The school always tries to low number of students in order to ensure that the students get the attention that they had been deprived of in the past.
Mr. Mubeen A. Esmail has been in the teaching profession for more than Seventeen years. The Staff is committed to ensuring that high academic, social and moral standards are achieved by providing a caring, secure and stimulating environment, where each child is provided with a wealth of experiential and investigative learning experiences in a broad and balanced UK based curriculum.

Inspire Education And Information Systems

Inspire School Of Advanced Studies was set up in 1999 by Mr. Mubeen Esmail as a tuition centre in Karachi, now registered with the University Of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate. It is now one of the leading pioneers in education and development. Inspire was Mr. Mubeen’s brainchild that started out in a crowded one room apartment/office space, however Mubeen Esmail’s persistence and dedication to his students was reputable which eventually led to further admissions and slowly, acclaim.

Inspire holds true to its name, its success story owes to Mubeen Esmail’s ambition to venture into understanding and analyzing the needs of each individual student, along with their strengths and shortcomings. Investing time and energy into his students is what drives candidates to achieve their full potential and excel in future.

Inspire School Of Advanced Studies

INSPIRE School of Advanced Studies was established in 2008. It is a private, co-educational school accredited by CIE board under the registration number PK-654 having a motto of providing quality education for everyone. It also caters to the needs of students requiring special attention at one stop, so that the parents do not have to go through the dual wastage of time and money trying to find satisfactory education.
The school derives its distinctive strength from the founding members and is a cornerstone for high school learning. It is administered by Mr. Mubeen A .Esmail, Ms Nasima Shaheen Qureshi and Mrs. Zareena Ahmed, who are outstanding educationists and absolutely dedicated to their educational cause.

We at INSPIRE School of Advanced Studies aim to upgrade the performance of existing school structures and introduce contemporary coaching methodologies and communication techniques to aid meaningful connections between faculty and students. Inspire possess highly skilled and motivated teaching faculty in all renowned fields of study. On the other hand, our highly competitive academic environment challenges students to do their best as scholars while providing extra-curricular avenues for them to pursue other talents, passions and interests.

Director’s Messageimg_0533

Welcome to INSPIRE, A Brand Name for Quality Education. We are proud of the increasingly valued opportunity we offer to students who make up our school. The goal of everyone is to ensure that your child does better than they think they could. We want all our students to enjoy and thrive in a rich learning environment.

Excellence in examination is your child’s right and we want to do more than that. Our dedicated staff members know and value each individual student and this leads to a very high standard of behavior in school; where support is needed we pride ourselves in our excellent links with parents and teachers that work to help every child to succeed.

Teachers have very high expectations, set clear objectives for learning and ensure that lessons have interesting range of tasks. Students are well aware of what to do which helps them to improve through self assessment and regular marking and feedback from their teachers.

I can assure you that my excellent team of teachers; staff and I will endeavor to help your son/daughter to integrate fully into our school and to reach his/her potential. We will always be available to discuss your concerns and to help the students. I am so grateful for the help and cooperation that I have received from parents in the past and look forward to work with you in the future.

DIRECTOR: Mubeen A. Esmail